Concerning the eventual spread of COVID-19 among the community of UTP University of Science and Technology Rector issued a regulation, which administer the following:

All the conferences and events organized at the University of Science and Technology hereinafter referred to as „the University” are cancelled.
Foreign business trips and participation in conferences, seminars and training sessions of UTP employees, PhD students and students are suspended.
Foreign visits to the University are suspended.
Accommodation of new residents in student dormitories is suspended.
External visitors are forbidden to visit students’ homes.

All forms of classes for students are cancelled. Some classes, if possible, can be conducted in a remote form.
Consultations for students may be conducted only by phone or on-line.
Use of the university’s teaching infrastructure, the reading room and other common rooms at the University may only take place with the consent of the Rector.
Catering operations at the University facilities are suspended.

Following the recommendations of Polish National Epidemiology Center we strongly advise you to stay at dormitories and so not plan any traveling abroad and around Poland.

The regulation is valid until further notice.