UTP University of Science and Technology has been awarded:

It means that the University has got full rights to participate in all centralized and decentralized actions in the scope of Erasmus Programme.

The UTP has participated in Erasmus Programme since 1997 and currently cooperates with over 120 partners.

Educational system at UTP

In 2007 the UTP introduced Bologna System of studying. The undergraduate studies lasting three or four years leads to the Bachelor of Science degree.

Undergraduates can choose from among 23 fields of study at two types of studies, full-time and part-time. The first level of study lasts 3 or 3,5 years depends on a course chosen by student.

This first stage can be followed by the second one, which leads to a Master degree after 1,5 or 2 years of studies.

Then, graduate can go on to the third stage of the programme, in which the completion of another four years followed by personal research and leads to a PhD thesis and degree.

The UTP offers also non-degree postgraduate courses at part-time system, lasting 1 or 1,5 year, which give new skills confirmed by an appropriate certificate.