Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

and Architecture



Term Name of courses ECTS
WINTER Construction ethics 3
Construction management 3
Cost engineering 3
Differential equtions 3
Engineering economics 3
High concret structures 3
Reliability and risk of engineering systems 3
Soil mechanics 5
The basic of architecture 2
Theory of elasticity and plasticity 3
Theory of plates and shells 3



Building installations 3
Composite materials in building and construction applications 6
Concrete technology 6
Durability of concrete 6
Material science 6
Mathematics 3
Metal structures 5
Roadway design 4
Strength of materials 7
Structural mechanics 7
Technical drawing 3
Theoretical mechanics 4
SUMMER Complex concrete structures 4
Computer aided project management in construction 3
Computer application in civil engineering 3
Computer science in roads building 4
Concrete structures 5
Engineering surveying 2
Geodesy 4
Geotechnical engineering foundamentals 5
Industrial structures 5
Organization in construction production 4
Surveying road 3
Transportation network building 3



Term Name of courses ECTS


Building physics and microclimate 4
Concrete and metal structures 5
Equipment and mechanical constructions 2



Mathematics 3
Mechanics strength of materials 3
Noise and vibration protection 2
Organization and planning of the construction work 4
Technical drawing with descriptive geometry 3
SUMMER Devices for water and wastewater treatment 5
Spatial information systems 3


Name of courses ECTS
Architectural design in landscape 4
Architectural design studio 5
Architecture of public spaces 4/5
Basics of architectural design 5
Basics of urban composition 4
Buildings for public: drama theatre, dance and music, tv  
Buildings for public: education, science, religion  
Conservation design (I degree) 2/3
Conservation design (II degree) 3
Conservation problems of architectural monuments 2
Design studio of urban planning 2/4/3
Experimental architecture 3
Integrated design 4
Theory of architectural design 3
Theory of architecture 3/3/2
Transportation systems in spatial development 4
Urban and spatial planning 4/2