Expression of Interest of UTP academic staff


Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology:

Biotechnology of Microorganisms, Phytopathology and Entomology

Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Cytometry

Research Group for Soil Environment


Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology:

Department of Animal Biochemistry and Biotechnology


Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering:

 Physicochemical Modeling Research Team

Supramolecular Chemistry and Photochemistry of Materials

Plastic Materials Research Team

Research Group of Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Statistics

Research Geometry Group

Optics and Quantum Engineering Group


Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture:

Visual Arts Department

GIS Implementation in Analysis of Environmental Factors

Field Monitoring and Laboratory Tests of Foundations on Expansive Soils

Ecoengineering and Environmental Physicochemistry Department

Environmental Pollution Noise Research Group EPN

Building Interior Climate

Group of Advanced Research of Materials and Mass Transfer

Solar chimney support gravitational ventilation


Faculty of Management:

UTP Project Management Competence Centre


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

Biomechanics Research Group BioMed


Faculty of Telecommunications, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering:

Institute of Telecommunications and Computer Science

Character recognition for postal applications

The Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Group

Cyber Security Research Group