The enrolment procedure

Students have to apply filling in an application form available >>here<<.

Students have to remember that they can choose courses only from one department.

After receiving the students´ credentials, the appropriate departmental coordinator takes decision about admission of the candidates.

Those students who are accepted will be provided with all necessary information and documents by the institutional coordinator.

The coordinator arranges all relevant administrative formalities and helps to provide accommodation in the university halls of residence.


Deadlines for submitting the forms:

fall semester - application by July, 15.

spring semester - application by November 30.


Foreign students arriving within the Erasmus scheme do not incur any tuition fees. However, they have to cover their accommodation and boarding expenditures.

After completion the chosen courses and crediting pre-determined educational programmes, foreign students get official documents certifying their grades obtained as well as a certification of the length of studies.

International students can contact institutional coordinator:

Malgorzata Jaroszewska  phone:  +48 52 3749299

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Courses in English

In case of doubt concerning a didactic part of your studies please contact with departamental coordinators.



The ECTS  was implemented in order to make the cooperation between European universities easier, in regard to the full recognition of students' achievements outside their mother university. The system is based on points and marks specifying the student workload required to get credits for given subjects. It also makes it possible to interpret the principles of higher education abroad. The UTP applies the ECTS at all courses.

The following grading system is used for exams and tests at UTP and how it refers to ECTS:

Local definition Local grade   ECTS Grade
excellent   5.0      A
very good      4.5    B
good         4.0     C
satisfactory  3.5  D
sufficient       3.0   E
unsatisfactory (fail)   2.0     F


   The ECTS grades have the following interpretation:

A -  excellent - outstanding performance with only minor errors,

B -  very good - above the average standard but with some mistakes,

C -  good - generally sound work with a number of notable mistakes,

D -  satisfactory  -  acceptable but with significant mistakes and lack of knowledge,

E -  sufficient - work and results fulfil minimum criteria,

F -  fail - credits can be awarded when the student takes the course again.

Receiving an unsatisfactory grade means failure to complete the course. All grades are recorded in undergraduates´ transcripts, evaluation cards and reports.

ECTS Users' Guide


Orientation Programme

The Students´ Orientation Programme is organized to welcome all new international students to the UTP and takes place usually at the beginning of winter and spring semester.


We encourage all new students to attend, as it´s a great way to find out more about the University, settle into the life in Poland and meet other new international students before starting their courses.


The attendance at our International Students´ Orientation Programme is free of charge and includes many interesting events and information meetings.


Erasmus Intensive Language Courses

The Erasmus Intensive Language Courses are specialized courses in the less known and taught languages of the EU and the languages of other countries participating in Erasmus. The courses are designed for the Erasmus students who are going to undertake a study period in a country of a less used language. The courses are organized by selected academic centers in Poland. In order to obtain some details about the application procedure you can look at the Polish National Agency webpage: