Erasmus office on behalf of the International Relations Office of the University of Science and Technology hosted staff from international universities taking part in the INTERNATIONAL STAFF WEEK 2017, which was held from May 29, 2017 to June 2, 2017. The aim was to discuss aspects of International Cooperation and to share good practices. It was a great event, thank you to all our guests. Looking forward to meeting more colleagues in next year.





Master Degree full studies in English


Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology


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Santa Claus does not forget about Erasmus students
International Relations Office organized a Christmas meeting for students of Erasmus+ on 14th December 2016. Foreign students had an opportunity to taste traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishes, and students of UTP, under the direction of Mrs. Alina Maciąg and Mrs. Zofia Heliasz (Foreign Languages Department), presented the Polish traditions and customs of Christmas.
Students from Spain told how to celebrate the holidays in the Basque Country and wait for Olentzero, which is the equivalent of our St. Nicholas.
There were also contests and quizzes, eg. quiz conducted in Polish by a student from Turkey, who attends classes in Polish language for foreign students led by Mgr. Sophia Heliasz.
The meeting ended with singing carols and visit Santa Claus with little gifts.
Małgorzata Jaroszewska, Institutional Coordinator of Erasmus+, wished the students every success in 2017 and the same fond memories of their stay in Bydgoszcz.

Thank you to all the students for coming and active participation in the meeting!


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Foreign students at UTP under Erasmus+ Program


In this academic year we have welcomed 152 students from partner universities under the Erasmus+. Dominated by students from Turkey and Spain, but within the walls of our university will study also Greeks, Italians and Portuguese.

Traditionally, International Relations Office, together with other universities from Bydgoszcz, prepared for them "Orientation Week" during which they will visit Bydgoszcz, will meet with the Mayor of the City, visit the Top Secret Museum in Tryszczyn, will take part in intercultural and  integration workshops, and watch a cult Polish comedy "Kiler".

The students were officially greeted by Vice-rector of External Affairs prof. Adam Gadomski and the institutional coordinator of Erasmus + mgr Małgorzata Jaroszewska. They also met with the coordinators of the faculty of Erasmus+, who presented them to schedule their chosen courses.

Below are some photos of our small inauguration.



Agenda of Orientation Week Winter 2016/2017

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